If you’re an administrator and need someone to help you manage an organisation profile on your platform you can add more administrators to a selected organisation. 

Administrators ("Org Admins") are people within your organisation who help maintain all the activities, data and reports under an organisation. On your platform, admins are also able to complete reports if they are assigned as administrators of opportunities, or if they create their own opportunities under your organisation.

This is one way to distribute the reporting responsibility among your core team!

How to Add an Administrator to your Organisation

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the platform (as a Super Admin)
  2. Click [Organisations] at the top of the home page or on the left-hand tab.
  3. Select the organisation that you want to add an administrator to (using the search bar to type the name of the organisation you're looking for). 
  4. Click [Administrators] on the left-hand side of the platform (see image below)

  5. Add the new person’s details 
  6. Remind the new person to check their email for their Administrator invitation (and to check their spam/junk folders) 
  7. Once they accept their invitation and log in, they will appear on your Administrators Tab

Ask your team to request Admin rights.

Ask your team members to follow these steps:

  • Login to the platform
  • Click [Organisations] at the top of the home page or on the left-hand tab.
  • Select the organisation which they would like to manage, or administer
  • Scroll down the page, keeping an eye on the right-hand side column. For the section 'Is this organisation yours? Request admin rights'
  • Your Platform Administrative will receive a request for approval email, kindly wait 24 hours for their approval and then follow up thereafter with your platform Administrator. You can check page on the page to see if your request has been granted, however you will receive an email too.