What to do as an Opportunity Administrator 

As an Opportunity Administrator, there important things to remember for offline (in real life) and online (on the platform) management of your opportunity and participants.

Offline Management – Volunteers are REAL people

NOTE: You’re not just creating an opportunity 'online'. You are using the platform to plan and report on the event – but you will be expected to be there to run it or support it. There are a few things to manage before the event

  • Confirm with the venue and keep your manager up to date about the number of people Counting In
  • Communicate with your Subscribers if there are last-minute changes, or if they need to bring anything in particular
  • Use the checklist here to make sure you are prepared for the day
  • Check the weather forecast in case your event is outdoors. Do you have a Plan B if it’s raining on the day?


Online Management – on your platform

Once you’ve created your volunteering opportunity, you can go back to edit the details or change the event if you need to. Here’s how:

  1. First find the Opportunity you want to Manage
  2. Login
  3. Click on [Organisations] on the top of the page and click on the organisation with the opportunity you would like to edit. 
    1. On the left-hand side of the page, you will notice three management options: Organisation’s Name, Opportunities and Validations
  4. Click on [Opportunities] and you will see a summary of the opportunities listed for your organisation. 
  5. Click on [Upcoming] to find the opportunities you want to edit

How to Manage and Edit your Opportunity

Click on the opportunity you want to manage. On the left-hand side (the opportunity management pane), you will notice a list of actions you can perform:

  • [Manage Volunteers] takes you to Step 2 of Opportunity management. Here you can add individual or lists of subscribers. 
    • You can add people (subscribers) to the opportunity by clicking Manage Volunteers.
  • [View and Share] takes you back to Step 1 where you can review the details of the opportunity, count yourself in as an attendee and share the event link with friends, family and the public.
  • [Edit Details] takes you to the Opportunity details page where you can edit specific information about the Opportunity, such as date, time, location or event descriptions.
  • [Send SMS and Email Update] takes you Step 3 of managing the opportunity to help you communicate details about the opportunity to your subscribers. In the drop-down box you can select who you want to send the notification to. In the text box below that you can type your message. 
    • TIP: Try to keep your message to 160 characters so that it fits into a standard SMS. 
  • The message you type will be sent to volunteers in an SMS and an email, so be sure not to send too many notifications. We don’t want to spam our volunteers before the event!
  • [Offline Attendance Register] will take you to a PDF of an attendance register you can download and print. 
    • This register you must take with you to your Opportunity, to write down the details of volunteers who arrive but did not register (“Count In”) online.
  • [Do Reporting] will take you to the reporting process that happens after the Opportunity. Here you will select who will complete the report 
    • (Step 1: Validation), upload your scanned attendance register and add the names and ratings of every individual who attended the opportunity 
    • (Step 2: Attendance), and tell us what the successes and issues with the opportunity were 
    • (Step 3: Noteworthy). After you’ve completed all three steps of reporting, you can click the [Finish] button to save your report. Thank you! 
  • [Download Report] will convert your report into a downloadable PDF that you can print for your supervisor or own records.
  • [Feedback] will load the feedback your volunteers have provided about the opportunity. 
    • If you see no feedback, you can send all participants a reminder to fill out their ratings and comment on the opportunity.
  • Volunteer feedback helps you learn about how your leadership and management, and is also essential for your RISE Score.


How to make sure you have the right people for your Opportunity

You can add a Google Form in a message to all subscribers who count in. Those who count in and complete your application form to your satisfaction can then be “Accepted”. If your event requires a small number of people, you should call or email them to interview them.

Or call them


How to vet and accept participants for your Opportunity

When your opportunity is posted, all subscribers in your network will be notified to [Count In]. This means they will be signing up, or registering, for your event. Their names will then automatically be added to your offline attendance register.

If you chose to make your opportunity “Public” it will also be open to new subscribers to Count In.

You will be notified via email each time someone clicks [Count In] and you will be able to look at their profiles,  Accept them, Tag them with your own tags or Remove them if they do not meet your requirements.

Communicate and Communicate

If there is important information you need to send or gather about your attendees before your event – such as dietary requirements or pre-reading material – you can use the Communication function in the Opportunity management page. 

In “Step 3. Communicate”  of the Opportunity-management page, select “Accepted volunteers” and type your message in the text box below. In this text box you can include links to whatever material it is you need your participants to see.
Clicking the [Send Message] button will then send out this message to the people you have accepted to the opportunity.

You cannot send files, only text and web-links

Using Tags To Organise Your Teams

Tags are customisable labels available to administrators of organisations and opportunities in order to categorise subscribers.

Benefits of Tagging for larger groups or networks:

  • Differentiate subscribers according to your organisation’s segmentation needs
  • Search for subscribers using the Tags
  • Easily identify different types of subscribers, such as Administrators
  • Gain insights into the dynamics of your organisation’s network
  • Sending important information to accepted participants

Cancelling an Opportunity

If you need to cancel an Opportunity for some reason, you can click the red dustbin icon on the right-hand side of the table to delete it. All information from that opportunity will be deleted too, so try to edit it before deleting it. (You can then click the [Add Opportunity] button to create a new one)