Managing Opportunities And Community

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As an administrator, you're responsible for managing your organisation's opportunity and community — both offline and online.

Being an administrator puts you in a position to manage and edit your organisation's opportunities. Every time you post an opportunity, community members receive notification. They can opt to join or not. If they do, it's your responsibility to ensure the right people join the opportunity. You can vet your interested subscribers by interview.

You're responsible for communicating with your community. Make sure they're updated.

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of opportunities and subscribers under your organisation, you can use tags to organize the subscribers.

It's important to know how to cancel opportunities when there's a need to do so.

This guide will teach you how to manage your organisation's opportunity and participants.

Offline Management

You use the platform to plan and report on the opportunities. But the actual event takes place in reality, with actual people as your community. As an administrator, you're expected to run and support them.

There are things you need to do before the event:

  • Confirm the venue.
  • Check the weather forecast. Prepare for unexpected weather changes.
  • Keep your manager up to date about the number of participants.
  • Use this checklist to prepare.

Online Management

After you create an opportunity, you can always go back and change the necessary details. You can also manage and edit Opportunities using the platform.

To start, log in and click [Organisations]. Find the organisation with the opportunity you need to edit.

On the left-hand sidebar, under "Organisations", you'll find 6 management options. Go to [Opportunities] to see a list of opportunities under the organisation.

Click [Upcoming] to see the upcoming opportunities. Find the opportunity you need to edit.

<<Tip>> Use the search function.

Click the opportunity you want to manage.

On the left-hand sidebar under "Opportunities", you'll find a list of actionable options.

There are 10 actionable options you can choose from to manage the opportunity:

  • Manage volunteers
  • View and share
  • Edit details
    • Edit specific information about the opportunity.
  • Edit date 
    • Choose a new date for the event.
  • Send SMS and email update
    • Communicate details of the opportunity (or changes) to the community. You can select who you want to send the updates in the drop-down.
  • Offline Attendance Register
    • Open (or download) a PDF of the attendance register.
  • Do Reporting
    • Takes you to the reporting process. There are three steps to take in order to complete the report.
  • Reporting Dashboard 
    • Shows progress report about the opportunity.
  • Download Report 
    • Convert your report into a PDF that you can download and print.
  • Feedback
    • Displays feedback from volunteers that attended the opportunity.

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