Managing Subscribers and Growing Your Network

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As an administrator, you can choose to add individuals to opportunities or select from existing subscribers of your organisation.


  1. Learn how to manage existing subscribers
  2. Gain tips on growing your subscriber network

Managing Subscribers

After creating an opportunity, you can manage the participants by adding an individual or selecting subscribers from your organisation.

From the opportunity page, click [Manage volunteers] on the left-hand sidebar.

Note: You can add opportunities to organisations which will be subject for moderation. However, you can add participants only to approved opportunities. Check with your moderator or super administrator for any delay in the approval of your organisations and opportunities added.

To invite an individual, click the [Add an individual] box.


  • Fill in the necessary information
  • Check the appropriate boxes
  • Hit the [Invite as volunteer] box

Individuals who are already participants of the opportunity will not show up when you click on Add an Individual. If the name of the user you wish to add as an individual does not show up, check the current participants, it might be they are also added to the opportunity or they do not have a profile on the portal.

To add existing subscribers, click the [Select from subscribers (bulk)] box on the Manage volunteers page.

You will then see a list of subscribers who opted to subscribe to your organisation before.

<<TIP>> Tag your subscribers to categorise them for your organisation's segmentation needs.

To select participants, 

  • Tick the boxes on the left side of the names of subscribers you want to add to the opportunity
  • Hit the [Add Subscribers] box

Note: They will receive an email and SMS notification with a [Count in] link to the opportunity.

You can make a subscriber an opportunity administrator.

  • Click the shield button on the left side of their name under the Manage volunteers page
  • When asked if you're sure that you want to make the selected subscriber an administrator of the opportunity, just hit Yes

Growing Your List of Subscribers

Participants on the platform are always looking for opportunities that fit their interests, passions, and skills.

To attract new subscribers:

  • Post opportunities
    • The more opportunities you add, the more visibility your organisation gains.
  • Share your opportunities
    • Share your opportunities with your family, friends, colleagues, and on social media. Share the URLs (links) of the opportunities you created to help spread the word.
  • Create and share stories
    • Stories are important to show the public the experience of participating in opportunities in the platform.
  • Update your organisation's information
    • Make sure to update your organisation's information. Check for accuracy. Include your mission and interests to make your opportunities and organisation more appealing to subscribers with similar interests.

How can I tell if people are interested in my opportunities?

The number of subscribers your organisation has is an important indicator of how many people are interested in your organisation and opportunities.

There are a few ways to check how many subscribers your organisation has on the platform.

  1. Email notification
    • Every time someone subscribes to your organisation. 
    • From that email, you will be able to add your new subscriber to an opportunity, as described above.
  2. Organisation's profile
    • You can keep an eye on the total number of subscribers you have by going to your organisation's profile

Clicking the [Subscribers] box will bring you to the Subscribers page.

Here, you'll see the total number of your subscribers.

Note: Subscribers get notifications of new opportunities posted by the organisation.

Automatic Notification for Quick RSVPs

When you post an opportunity and add subscribers to them, you will be able to track how many people have signed up (clicked “Count In”) for the opportunity.

You can do this by downloading the offline attendance register before the opportunity/activity happens. The attendance register lists everyone who clicked the “Count In” link in their opportunity notification. 

If you need more participants, you can share the opportunity link again or send a reminder to your subscribers to sign up before the event.

An example of an offline attendance register

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