Adding an Opportunity Administrator

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Delegate Work to Opportunity Administrators


  1. Learn about opportunity administrators
  2. Learn how to add opportunity administrators
  3. Learn what to do in case you as the administrator cannot attend the event


As an administrator, you are in-charged with managing your organisation and/or opportunities where you will be posting, managing, reporting, and moderating most of the time. Unfortunately, a day's time is only 24 hours and you may not have enough time to do it all.

As such, it is a good idea to add more people to your organisation's administrative workforce. They will be given tools to help you create, manage, and report on specific opportunities. This is highly beneficial especially if you are managing large numbers of opportunities.

As a side note, being an opportunity administrator helps increase your RISE Score. Opportunity administrators have two ratings: for participation and for administration. The higher the score, the higher the social employability (indication of professional development).

How to add opportunity administrators?

First, you have to access your organisation's dashboard by clicking [Organisations] on the left-hand sidebar.

To find your organisation faster, use the search bar and click the name.

On the dashboard, find the opportunity you want to add more administrators.

Scroll down until you get to the Opportunities section. Click the name of the opportunity.

You can also click [Opportunities] at the left-hand sidebar just below [Organisations] you clicked earlier.

When you find the opportunity, click the name of it.

Click [Manage volunteers] at the left-hand sidebar below [Opportunities] you clicked earlier.

Click [Manage participants] above the page below the opportunity's name.

On the next page, you will find a list of existing participants. 

To make a user an administrator, simply click the shield button left of the user's name.

The next page would be a confirmation page. Click "Yes" to proceed.

You will then notice that the colour of the shield icon of the user you made administrator turned to yellow.

In case you cannot attend...

If you are an administrator and you cannot attend the activity, there is a shortcut to inform the other administrators that you cannot attend and that they should assign another administrator to handle the reporting.

Click [Reporting Dashboard] at the left-hand sidebar to the access the Live Reporting Dashboard.

By the way, you will receive an email 10 minutes before the event starts. You can also go to the Live Reporting Dashboard by clicking the link on your email.

On the Reporting Dashboard, click the [I am not here] box to inform the event handlers that you cannot attend.

Then, you will see a message saying how your administrators were notified to assign someone new and that your rights for the opportunity have been revoked.

This is the email notification the administrators will receive.

Administrators will then assign (using the steps above) a new administrator to oversee and report about this opportunity.

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