How to Remove a User

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Deleting a User Profile


  1. Learn when it is appropriate to delete a profile
  2. Learn what related data are deleted after removing a profile
  3. Learn how to delete an account

When to remove a user?

Before learning how to delete a profile, it is important to know first the cases when deleting a profile is appropriate.

You should delete a profile only if:

  • A user leaves your organisation.
  • You have created a duplicate profile for a certain user. In this case, you would have to merge existing data into the other account.

Note: Deleting a user profile is irreversible.

What are the deleted data?

Removing a user profile would delete:

  • All personal information
  • Logins and all administration rights
  • Tags, subscriptions, and metrics of the user

Note: The user's status will be set to rejected and deleted.

How to delete a profile?

First, find the profile you want to delete. 

Click [Community] at the left-hand sidebar.

Clicking Community brings you to the Community Leaderboard page.

Use the search bar and write the name of the user whose profile you want to delete.

The search bar helps you find the profile of interest faster.

Click the wrench icon between the profile's name and the profile's stats.

Clicking the wrench icon brings down the drop-down menu.

Select Delete from the drop-down menu.

Clicking Delete brings you to a profile deletion confirmation page.

If you want to confirm the details of the profile you are deleting, click the name of the user.

Clicking the user's name brings you to the user's profile page.

Then, click the wrench icon above the Edit Profile section and select Delete from the drop-down menu on the right side of the page.

Clicking Delete brings you to a profile deletion confirmation page.

If you are sure of your action, check the Confirmation box and click the [Delete profile] box.

Clicking the Delete profile box would irreversibly remove the profile's data from the system.

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