If you need to remove a user from your organisation (including administrative and super-administrative users) we can do that for you.

Before you request to remove a user


Are you requesting to remove a user profile because it is incomplete? Rather fix the user's profile than create a whole new one. It will save time, effort and money so you can focus on the good work your organisation is doing. Read this article for further instructions: Managing Your Users and Community

How to remove a user


If you definitely need to remove a user, here's what you need to do:

Send an email to hello@thesocialcollective.co with the following information:

  • Subject line: Details to Remove a User from <your organisation/>
  • In the email:

The user’s full name

Link to profile

Name of the user who will replace this person (if you are removing an admin or super-admin)

Some questions you might have

Can content be deleted?

At this stage, we do not delete content that was created by users who are removed. This information remains a part of your organisation’s records (which may come in handy later).

What cases would you need to remove a user?

  • If someone leaves your organisation, or is no longer able to continue as an administrator
  • If you've created a duplicate profile