Submitting a Great Report After the Opportunity

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After Opportunity Report


  1. Learn about the reports you have to do after the completion of an opportunity
  2. Learn how to access the reporting page
  3. Learn how to complete the report


Congratulations on the completion of the opportunity! Unfortunately, there is still work to do before you can sit back and relax. You still have to report all your hard work.

If you are on a paid platform, your report is vital. It lets your organisation and superiors know what you have done and how the event went. For some, it is strictly the only way to get paid. No reports, no payouts.

To complete your report, you need:

  • 10-30 minutes after the event
  • A computer, phone, or tablet with access to the Internet to access the report
  • To scan the filled-out attendance registers
  • The link to the reporting page

How to access the reporting page?

From the platform's homepage, click [Organisations] at the left-hand sidebar.

Access your organisation's dashboard by clicking the name of your organisation. (You can also click [Manage] at the right side of the page.)

Find the opportunity you want to report by scrolling down the page. Click the name of the opportunity.

To access the reporting page, click [Do reporting] at the left-hand sidebar.

Note: If the opportunity is a recurring event, you will be asked to select the specific opportunity. Pick the opportunity with the date that matches the event you want to report on. You can only report completed opportunities.

How to complete the report?

There are three steps in completing the report:

  1. Do Reporting
  2. Download Report
  3. Feedback

Step 1: Do Reporting

This step involves three tasks:

  1. Validation
  2. Attendance
  3. Noteworthy

For "Validation", you have to select the name of the administrator (probably you) who will be completing the report.

Select the name of the administrator from the drop-down menu.

In the "Attendance" part, you have to report the volunteers who were at the actual event.

First, you have to upload a scanned copy of the attendance register. Click the [Select file] box to upload.

Then, you have to mark the attendance and rating of each individual.

If there is anyone missing from the list, you can add an individual by clicking the [Add individual] box.

You can also choose to report by bulk, especially for large numbers of attendance. Click here to read a dedicated article about Bulk Attendance Reporting.

To do this, simply click the [Show bulk] box.

Note: What you rate at the Bulk update card is what everyone gets. You can edit other cards by finding their cards and putting the appropriate information.

The "Noteworthy" section is where you can report the successes and issues you got from the opportunity. Make sure to make your reports simple and understandable. Avoid using slang.

If you have any related image or file, you can upload it by clicking the [Select file].

You might notice that there is a section after "Noteworthy" called "Financial Contributions". This section is optional. Only fill them if there were any financial contributions made during the opportunity.

If you have to fill this out, please read this dedicated article about Financial Contributions Reporting by clicking here.

Step 2: Download Report

After recording the attendance, issues, success, and financial contributions, the report is now ready for download. You can convert this online report into PDF for printing and reporting to your supervisor (or for your own records).

To do this, click the [Download report] at the left-hand sidebar.

If you want to have a printed copy, press the print button. You can also opt to download it for offline viewing.

Step 3: Feedback

The last step is checking the feedback from your volunteers about the opportunity. These feedbacks give insights about the leadership and management. They are also essential for administrators' RISE Score.

If you want to know more, click here to read a more detailed article about Gathering Attendees' Feedback.

To check, click [Feedback] at the left-hand sidebar.

If there is no feedback, you can send a reminder to all volunteers who participated to fill out their ratings and comment about the opportunity. To do this, click the [Request feedback now] box.

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