I Can’t Find An Address On The Map

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2017 at 03:27 PM

Location is an important detail for managing activities on the platform, and we use Google Maps to help you pin-point your location. Whether you’re updating your profile, adding an opportunity or an organisation on the platform, you will be asked to add an address. 

Here’s how:

Type in the physical address (this is a street address – not a P.O. Box address). As you begin typing in the street or suburb name, Google will automatically give you suggestions. Click on the address that matches your location and Google Maps will automatically fill out the rest of the address form.

If your location is in an informal settlement or rural area

Google Maps may not recognise the street address. In the address field, type the suburb and city and click on one of the suggested locations that matches your location. See image below:

Then when Google Maps has automatically filled out the details below the map, you can fill out your exact street address in the rest of the form. Also try dragging the pin to the exact location on the map if Google Maps has placed the pin in the wrong place.

See below:

What if I cannot find my exact address on the map?

Some addresses do not appear on Google Maps, but you cannot leave the map blank.

What you can do is find the closest landmark to the address you want to add. For example, if there is a petrol station, shop, school or church nearby, drag the Google Maps pin there. 

If you are using a landmark as a location for an opportunity, you can add an extra set of directions in your description of the opportunity. 

I’m trying to create an organisation but I do not have the address.

First,  try researching the organisation (Google or Yellow Pages) to find the street address. Second, try contacting the organisation (email or telephone) to ask what their address is.

If you still do not know the exact address, but you have an idea of the area in which the organisation is, add as much information as you can on the address form. When you are able to get in contact with the organisation, or visit it for an opportunity, make sure you ask someone who works there for the address.

Update the organisation’s details on the platform, and use that address for all future opportunities.

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