Before you begin, make sure the image you want to upload is not smaller than 300KB or bigger than 2MB.

How to Upload Images

Wherever you see an “Upload a Photo” box (below) it indicates you can upload an image from your device.

Click this box and a list of your files will open up to let you pick the image you want to upload. (See below)

Select the image you want to upload, and click [Open]. This will begin the image upload.

It’s taking very long / It’s not uploading at all

  • Try restarting your internet connection, or make sure you have enough data to upload images (the bigger the image you have, the more data it will use).
  • If that does not work, try reducing the size of your images and retry uploading them. (Don’t make your images too small though! They should be at least 300KB.)
  • If you’re using a Blackberry and having trouble, try using a different device.