Do you want to create an event for your organisation to attract volunteers? 

Do you need to host a volunteering day or run a training programme? Use The Social Collective platform to create what we call an Opportunity.

Where to Post Opportunities

You can learn how to post opportunities here

What does creating an opportunity with Quick Add imply?

    • The administrators of the organisation selected are notified via email that an opportunity has been created.
    • The Opportunity is made private and therefore hidden from the public
    • Subscribers to that organisation are not notified. This needs to be managed through the opportunity management settings

From your organisation dashboard 

Click on "Organisations" at the top of the platform home page and click on the organisation you want to manage (use the search bar to find it if you need to)This is the recommended method to fill out all the details of your opportunity in one sitting - saving you the need to return to it to complete missing details.

… and once you’re on the Organisation’s Quick Stats page (below) click the "Add Opportunity"


Completing the Opportunity's details

You’ll be on the Opportunity Management Page. You will need to fill in details about the opportunity, such as:

  • A Title and Description – Avoid using ALL CAPS in your title, or too many punctuation marks such as “School Tutoring!!!!” (these make it looks like you’re shouting). Make your title short and informative, such as “Tutors Needed for ABC Primary School”
  • Date, Time and Frequency – What date and time does this start and end? Is this happening every day/week/month or just once? 
  • Venue and Address-  Read more about adding correct addresses here.
  • Outcomes – What do you want people to learn or gain from this experience? Pick from a list or add your own, which will be stored by the platform and remembered for future use. Remember to click [+ Add Option] to save each one. If you have an existing programme with target outcomes you can list the target skills planned for each session.
  • Type of Activity – What type of event is this? A lesson? A workshop? A training? Pick an option from the drop-down list
  • Stipend – indicate if there will be a stipend (allowance or payment) given to attendees. If you are uncertain, leave the block blank
Here is an example

[If you platform requestes payment] Before your opportunity can go live

Once you’ve added all the details of your event, you will then be directed to the Payment Page, where you'll have two options to pay for the opportunity you're posting (see below). Once your payment has successfully been processed and approved by Moderation, your opportunity will appear live on the platform. Read more about how Payments work here. 


Managing the Opportunity's Participants

After payment, you can then move on to the next important step of Opportunity management - Managing Participants (see below). This is where you add the people from your organisation who will be at the event. It is important to appoint an opportunity administrator (if that person is not you), or more than one, who will be responsible for making sure the opportunity runs smoothly and is reported on afterwards.

If you need to edit the details of the event, you can do that to by clicking Edit Details on the left hand side. Read this article to find out about best practices for writing opportunities.

Opportunity Management: Private Notifications and Private Opportunities

Ahead of the opportunity, you can send all your accepted participants important messages or reminders about your event. For instance, if you have organised transport or meals, use this space to remind people of the logistics. 

See below for where to add your private notice:

Private opportunities 
These are opportunities you do not want to share with the public. By marking the Opportunity “Private” on the Sharing and Notification page, only your organisation’s subscribers will receive a notification about it, and it will not appear on the public Opportunity Page. If you’re editing your opportunity, selecting “No” will ensure your subscribers do not receive too many notifications. See below.

We're almost there...

Send a Reminder to your participants

You wouldn't want people to forget about the opportunity! Make it easier by sending an SMS and email reminder a day or two before the scheduled event. To do so, click on "Send SMS & Email Update" on the Opportunity Management pane, and compose your personal reminder message. 

Here's an example:

Download the attendance register

Ahead of the actual day of the event, people would have Counted In to the opportunity, or you would have manually added subscribers when Managing Participants. These names populate a register that the platform creates for you. This saves you the effort of creating your own attendance register and wasting time filling out people's names. 

What you need to do is download and print the register before your event. See below for where to find your register. 

There will be extra space on the register for Unregistered Attendees. This is for recording the attendance of anyone who did not sign up to the event online. There will also be sections for you to complete at the opportunity. Make sure you complete the whole offline report, because this helps with transferring the information to your online records afterwards.

Note: When your event is completed, this register must be scanned and added to the opportunity's report. Read more about uploading attending registers, and completing a report.

What's left to do is to host a great Opportunity!