One of the best ways to find local volunteering opportunities is to visit an organisation close to you. 

Examples of organisations are schools, colleges, community centres, old-age homes, training centres, clinics, hospitals, NGOs or religious centres.

Finding Organisations Near You

There are many ways to find organisations with volunteering needs. Most importantly, when you find them, you need to get their contact details, address and website (if they have a website) so you can contact them later and add them to the platform.

  • Look around – explore your community or neighbourhood to identify organisations such as schools, colleges, community centres, training centres or religious centres.
  • Ask – speak to family, friends or your neighbours to ask if they know of places where people can do community work.
  • Community Newspapers and Radio – pay attention to organisations that are mentioned or advertised in the papers and radio.
  • Internet Search – Google the words “schools near me”“churches near me” or any other place followed by the words “near me” and see what organisations Google gives you.

You found organisations. How do you connect with them?

Try this email:


My name is <your name> and I am an <Ambassador> with <The Social Collective>, an <online platform helping to solve youth-unemployment through volunteerism.> 

I would like to help your organisation find volunteers for your programmes or needs. 

To get started, please will you share any volunteering opportunities that you have (now in the future), so that I can put them online on our platform and share them with our networks of youth volunteers.

If you currently have volunteering activities, I can upload them, manage and create reports for them. 

I hope to work with your organisation to connect your volunteering needs to youth who are committed to volunteer work. 

Kind regards,

<your name>

If they reply to say they’re interested, and provide you with volunteering opportunities to post online, you must reply to the organisation with your next steps. 

Use this suggested email to reply:

Hello <name of person you emailed>

Thank you for getting back to me on this.  

 As promised, here is the link to your opportunity I created online for you: <link to opportunity>. Please feel free to share on social media and your website to help promote the event. 


We are able to vet the most suitable volunteers for you. This service comes at a small fee of R500. If you are interested in us doing this work for you to help you match volunteers for your organisation, please let me know and I will set this up for you. 


If you do not want us to carry this work, we can still post your opportunities for free, but you will need to verify volunteers when they apply. 


Please let me know about any more volunteer opportunities, so I can keep your organisation at the top of the volunteer search!


Kind regards,

<your name>

Visiting an Organisation in Person

  • Go to the organisation and request to speak to someone in management
  • Introduce yourself as an ambassador of The Social Collective, a service that connects people to the right volunteering opportunities
  • Ask if you can add them to the platform. Get the name of the organisation, street address, website (if they have one) and contact number.
  • Ask the organisation if they have any needs which can be listed as volunteering opportunities.
  • Add opportunities to the platform based on their list of needs. If you can do it right there with them from your phone, even better!
  • You will then be an ambassador for that organisation and will be able to manage its opportunities.

Not sure what to say? Try saying this: 

Hello, my name is <your name> and I am an Ambassador with The Social Collective, an online platform helping to solve youth-unemployment through volunteerism. 

I would like to help your organisation find volunteers for your programmes or needs by listing it on our platform. Would you be interested?

If they say yes…

Thank you. To get started, I need to write down some information about your organisation and your volunteering needs so I can put the correct information on our platform:

  • What is your physical address? Your email address and contact number? Your website?
  • What is your organisation’s mission? What industry are you in?
  • What kind of interests do volunteers have who usually come here?
  • What volunteering needs or programmes do you have that I can promote on our platform?

After you’ve recorded all this information, you can say:

Thank you. I will take this information and create a profile for your organisation on our platform. I will also post your volunteering needs as opportunities. I will send you an email with this information so you can share it with your networks too. 

I will also be helping to manage your opportunities on the platform. 

After the visit, your next steps

Log in to the platform and create the organisation and opportunities with the information you got. Follow these links for more help on next steps:

You found opportunities to post online. How do you connect with organisations?

If you’ve already found volunteering opportunities online and posted them on the platform, your task is to connect with the organisation hosting it to let them know that you found them and want to post more of their opportunities online.

Try this email communication if you’re not sure what to say:


My name is <your name>, and I am an Ambassador with The Social Collective, an online platform helping to solve youth-unemployment through volunteerism. 

We found your volunteer opportunity online and would love to share your volunteer needs on <link to platform> with our database of youth volunteers!

I have posted this opportunity for you and you can see it here <insert link of opportunity>.

Can you please forward me more volunteering opportunities you might have so that I can upload them for you onto our platform? We can then connect you with a volunteering Ambassador, to help you manage the process.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

<your name> 

What to do if the organisation does not have volunteering needs

  • Explain to them (in person or in an email) the importance of volunteering to help community-building and to build career confidence that will help unemployed youth get working experience. Share this link with them about Youth Volunteering
  • Suggest some volunteering opportunities for them by looking at what the organisation is already doing. For example:
    • maybe a primary school needs help assisting its students with homework or sports coaching
    • or a church needs volunteers for a feeding programme
    • or a community centre needs volunteers to help clean up the environment

  • If the organisation likes your ideas – congratulations! Add the organisation to the platform, add your ideas as opportunities, manage them and report on them on the platform.