Manage Quality of Process Controls with Custom Validations

'Validations' is a feature which can be use to verify (through a Accept/Reject submission process) any specific information your platform needs to collect about the organisations (space or site) operates within. 

What is a Validation?

  • Checklist, Certification, Survey, Annual Questions, Compliance Assessments, or a Custom Set of Questions a platform owner needs to understand about all the Organisation on their platform.
  • It is something that can be Accepted or Reject for each Submission
  • If a Validation Submission is Accepted the Organisation which the Validation was submitted on it's behalf will get a Badge/Certificate

Creating my own Validation

To access Validations, log in to the platform, click on [Organisations] at the top of your webpage and click the name of the organisation you want to validate. Once on the Organisation’s Quick Stats page, click [Validations] on the left-hand tab as shown below.

Validations are a checklist of questions about the Organisation that can be answered by Opportunity Administrators with a Yes or No.Once validations have been submitted, they can be checked and viewed again by organisation administrators.

If no Validations appear, organisation administrators can request a validation to be built. To do this, click on [Validations] on the management pane on the left-hand tab and click [Request a Validation to be built] (shown below).

What other validations are there?