It’s the Information-Overload Age, and we’re constantly taking in media. It gets hard to keep track of the important information, and even harder to know where to get the important information from. We totally understand. That’s why we’ve introduced an RSS reader that can be embedded into your own site.

What Is RSS and How Does It Work?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a way of simplifying the way we view content online. An RSS aggregator, also known as feed reader, is a program that runs in the background and constantly waits for new content from the site you want to pay attention to. When something new pops up on a site you’re subscribed to, it instantaneously gets sent to your feed reader. Read more about how RSS works here.

Subscribing to The Social Collective’s Content

If you are a super-admin and logged in – you will see the RSS button –  – at the bottom of the Opportunity Page. If you are not a super-admin, you will need to contact us ( to request an RSS feed.

Systems and Software Needed

You do not need any special software to get information through an RSS feed. You need an internet browser and what is called a ‘reader’ that can be downloaded online or in an app store. We recommend Google Chrome for all our platforms. For this there are a number of good RSS plug-ins.  

Download Google Chrome here.

Suggested RSS Readers

Click any of the links below to go to the download/sign-up page.

Integrating the RSS Feed

We provide an XML Feed, served as RSS of Volunteer Opportunities and Stories, so that new opportunities and stories can automatically be published to your website.

Please contact us to get a custom API of users at