Want to house your solution within your own walls? We can do that by hosting your platform locally. Your portal comes setup on [yourname].thesocialcollective.co as a secure cloud-hosted secure solution, but there are some considerations to have our system hosted locally. 

Hosting Options

On The Social Collective Servers, Cloud-hosted.

  • SSL Secure servers to host your data
  • No additional costs are incurred on this hosting solution
  • An independant server with access control will run the instance  

1. Cloud-hosted Virtual Machine (VM) with root SSH

  • 24-hour setup and you’re live
  • SSL-secured
  • Rapid deployment access
  • Minimum extra resource for dedicated deployment and server management

2. VM with limited (NO) user* SSH access

  • Longer setup period, dependent on client-side setup and access
  • Possible across Linux and Windows
  • We provide a dedicated resource to manage upgrades locally
  • The Licensee needs to provide a machine and internal access for The Licensor to implemented updates

* Minimum privileges will be determined. This is covered in the technical implementation.

Client-side considerations for local hosting

  • A custom domain can be setup with your chosen hosted solution. If this needs to be hosted locally, you’ll need to own and manage the domain
  • The server must have a valid SSL setup properly configured with the frontend proxy software (e.g. Nginx). Our app relies completely on the frontend proxy for its SSL support
  • The Social Collective uses Nginx as frontend server on our own servers and can provide you with the required configuration settings for it. In principle many other frontend server softwares can be used, but then you will be responsible for setting it up correctly
  • Minimum server (VM) requirements
    • Bandwidth:  15GB - 250GB minimum (depending on number of users)
    • Disk Space: 100GB minimum (depending on number of users and custom upload requirements + 5GB for installation)
    • 4GB RAM
    • 2 CPU cores
    • Remote SSH access (if possible)
If you can anticipate the expected number of users, we can better estimate the server resources required

Local hosting is especially for companies with staff protected information