Your portal comes setup as [yourname], so if you’d like a custom domain follow the steps below.

For you to run our system on your own domain, you will need to add some entries to your site’s ‘domain name records’ and point the relevant address to our server. To do this, please request your portal’s ‘IP address’ from us.

Licensee Requirements:

  • The domain itself. Send us the URL you’d like to use: e.g.
  • Get that domain. We recommend – If you already have a domain, you may want to setup a subdomain. Here’s an external help guide.
  • Make an IP request to us. Once we’ve set up your app, we will be able to tell you the DNS records you have to add to your domain.
  • Make your domain secure. You’ll need to purchase an ‘Wildcard SSL Certificate’ for the domain of choice. The SSL certificate must match the domain and/or hostname(s) you are using. You can purchase them here.
  • You will need to generate a ‘CRT request’. This is for the SSL certificate, once generated please send this over to us as this CRT request will need to be installed on our servers for your platform to be accessible.

Please note: The system will not run without a proper SSL setup for data-security reasons.

For support on this, contact: