Feedback: A Critical Measurement Tool

Modified on Wed, 07 Dec 2016 at 01:12 PM

Hear it from your volunteer from the field

How do you know you’re doing a good job and creating the value you’re aiming for? You’d gather feedback – a critical part of any effective monitoring and evaluation. But how do you gather authentic feedback quickly and reliably? The Social Collective has made it easy to gather direct and immediate feedback from participants, volunteers, beneficiaries and anyone else who you need feedback from. 

Collecting Feedback

Feedback is gathered in a single form that can be accessed on mobile or desktop. 5-point ratings (that can be customised based on the questions you need to ask) and a qualitative comments box make for a quick and intuitive feedback. 

By making the feedback forms short and very light on data, your feedback can be gathered on-site on mobile phones. There’s no need to wait days and risk losing out on important feedback.

Requesting Feedback

If feedback has not been provided, it can be requested on the opportunity’s management page at any time. This will send a reminder to the opportunity administrator to add feedback on participants, or (if you’re the administrator) will send a notification to participants to add their feedback on the event/opportunity.

Additional Feedback

Whilst the feedback forms provide quick feedback that gives you information about your community and opportunity, you can gain more feedback about participant’s actual experiences in the form of uploaded Stories. This is the type of feedback that you can use for promoting further events or sharing the stories that do not fit into conventional reporting formats.

There are no more mountains of feedback forms to store! Feedback provided on each individual participant, administrator, or opportunity administrator is reflected on a user’s social profile and RISE Score.

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