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The Social Collective is built around a belief in the value of open, monitored empowerment projects (such as volunteering) that can provide accessible, experiential learning. By being able to measure involvement and learning, we can help accelerate employment, entrepreneurial or scholarship opportunities. 
This measurement is neatly captured in what we call Social Employability Profiles. 

The Social Employability Profile

Every platform-user creates a unique log-in and personal account known as a Social Profile. This profile grows with each user – reflecting the hours invested, skills and roles acquired as reported by their Administrators or Super-Administrators. 

On this profile you will see numerous pieces of information that contribute to a user’s RISE Score (our unique measure for social employability):

  • [Hours and Progress Bar] – This indicates the number of volunteer hours and administrative hours the user has completed. Hours are reflected only after they are reported on by opportunity administrators.
  • [Skills Learnt] – Skills learnt are derived from the outcomes set for each opportunity. These are reflected after opportunities have been reported on.
  • [Interests] – The user self-selects areas of interest to help guide opportunity-matching.
  • [Validations] – These are personal details that are required to help validate each user, such as an ID number and offline file uploads (e.g. ID Book and custom forms). 

These indicators, together with the user’s RISE Score, reflect the degree to which a user has acquired certain core technical and soft skills, those that are highly recommended for job acquisitions and professional growth. These skills include:

Technical Skills
  • Computer Literacy
  • Report Writing
  • Event Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Research and Data Capturing
Soft Skills
  • Professional Communication
  • People Management
  • Personal Leadership
  • Resourcefulness and Networking
  • Scheduling and Time Management

For Managers, Recruiters and Interviewers:

Skills, Time, Outcomes and Ratings achieved are reported by vetted administrators on the platform. Since the skills are not self-reported, users’ social profiles offer a higher degree of legitimacy. This limits the self-reporting bias in job applicants.

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