Get your Network into The Social Collective

Run a campaign!


  1. Learn what a campaign is
  2. Learn how to create a campaign that makes your network active on The Social Collective
  3. Know the best practices in communicating a campaign
  4. Get tips on how to share your campaign online

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a programme, event, or volunteer opportunity promoted to your networks with the goal of attracting more participants and growing the support for your organisation.

Campaigns can be one-time events, or regular events — be it daily, weekly, or monthly — depending on how often you need to recruit people.

How to create a campaign that gets your network active on The Social Collective?

  1. Decide on the goals you want to achieve.
    • List these as outcomes when posting your opportunity
    • Examples of important goals:
      • Load all your meetings/sessions/opportunities
      • Complete opportunity reports on time
      • Help other users do their reporting
      • Upload stories
      • Use to search for support and tips on using the platform
  2. Choose a reasonable start and end date.
    • Choose a date that you yourself can handle.
    • Two weeks to a month is a good time frame.
  3. Make sure your target groups receive the important resources needed to achieve their goals.

Best Practices in Communicating a Campaign

  • The key to a successful recruitment campaign is clarity. Be clear about the reasons why you are looking for volunteers.
  • Focus on what the participant gains, rather than what the organisation is looking for. Offer incentives like data, airtime, or smartphones (if you can arrange this).
  • Craft an informative, catchy, and short title.
  • Communicate the benefits of the RISE Score as an indicator of their social employability accomplishments.

Get Exposure Online

We live in a digital world. Getting your campaign online and sharing it via social media would expose your campaign to a large audience.

Tips on sharing your campaign online:

  • Share your thoughts. Though your friends and families would see what you shared, it would still be beneficial to read your thoughts about the campaign.
  • Avoid spamming.
  • Tag people already in your network so their friends and families can see the campaign too.

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