1. Why Should I Volunteer?

Volunteering is regarded as a way of Paying It Forward - investing your time and effort into activities that are helping to uplift those around you. Research has also suggested that volunteering helps improve work-life balance and reduces burnout simply by serving those in need. On this platform, volunteering is made even better because all your volunteer activities are easily found and managed in one place. As you use the platform to track and manage your volunteering, you also build a social profile tracking the time you have invested, skills you've shared and learnt, and ratings you’ve received from your involvement in volunteer opportunities.  

Prizes are also awarded for volunteers who take charge of their Opportunities by becoming active Ambassadors.


2. What if I cannot find a volunteer opportunity that interests me?

That’s a great opportunity to add one! Use the “Add Opportunity” button on your profile page to add a volunteer opportunity that you would like to do at a place that is close to your heart (or community).

3. Terminology: Organisation, Opportunity, Count me in, Ambassador, Add Opportunity, Stories

  • Organisations refer to NGOs, NPOs, Charities, Community Centers, Schools and other institutions that have volunteering needs or run their own volunteer programmes.
  • Opportunities are volunteering events created for, or by, an Organisation. For example, a computer skills class at a Community Centre is an opportunity that you and your friends can “Count Me In” for.
  • Count Me In is the action volunteers take to sign up or apply for a Volunteer Opportunity. TheCount Me In button will always appear on an Opportunity’s page, and by clicking it, your name will automatically be added to the event’s attendance list.
  • Ambassadors are connectors of organisations and volunteers on this platform. They are also champion volunteers. Any volunteer can become an ambassador provided they can connect with organisations to establish volunteer needs, upload volunteering opportunities and get others to attend these opportunities.
  • Add Opportunity refers to the Add Opportunity button on the platform on your profile  that allows you to quickly add a volunteer opportunity in a few simple steps. You’ll automatically become the Ambassadors for this volunteer opportunity, all the relevant administrators will be notified.
  • Stories are your reflections and photos of any volunteer opportunities you have taken up.

4. How Do I Create My Volunteering Profile?

Before you can start volunteering, you need to create an account on this platform. Go to ‘“Sign Up” or “Log In” and click “I want to register” to sign up with your email address and a unique password.  Alternatively, you can sign up with your Google +, LinkedIn or Facebook account by clicking either of those buttons. You will need to log-in with the same social account you signed up with in future. 

Note: Remember how you created your account as you will need to login with the same method each time.Once you have created an account, you will need to update your profile with your details, volunteering interests and your photograph.

5. What if I don’t have a username or password?

Hold on, you'll first need to create an account. Do this by following the steps in this article: Creating a Profile

6. I’ve requested a report. Now what?

When you request a report on the Opportunity's page, an email will be sent to the administrator of that Opportunity reminding her/him to complete the report for the opportunity.

7. When can I request a report?

Reports can only be completed after an Opportunity has occurred.

8. Why should I request a report?

If the report has not been completed soon after the Opportunity you attended, your skills and time will not be reflected on your social profile. You need these skills and time to be reflected in order to have your hard volunteer work counted, and to raise your RISE score!

9. How do I volunteer?

You can start by searching for an opportunity that suits you on the Opportunities page. Use the search bar, filters or map calendar to help find an opportunity that matches your interests and skills - or simply browse through available Opportunities to find one that catches your eye. Once you’ve found a suitable Opportunity, click “View more details” to take you to the Opportunity page. Click the “Count Me In” button to sign up or apply for the volunteer opportunity and your name will then be added to the event (which the Administrator or Ambassador manage). You’ll be asked to login when you click “Count Me In”, and if you have not yet created an account, you will need to do so at this point. Then do not forget to diarise the event and share it with your friends, family or colleagues to get more volunteers involved!

10. How do I know when organisations have volunteer opportunities?

In order to stay up to date with an organisation’s opportunities, you need to Subscribe to it. Go to the Organisations page, find the organisation you’re interested in, and click the Subscribe button. Each time that organisation posts a new opportunity, you will receive a mobile and email notification. Let the volunteering opportunities come to you. The more organisations you subscribe to, the more opportunities you'll be notified about!

11. I’ve signed up for a volunteer opportunity. Now what?

Great! After you signed up for the opportunity by clicking "Count Me In", the Administrator or Ambassador will then need to “Approve” you. You will then get an email and mobile notification to confirm that you’ve been added to the event. Diarise the event, show up on the day, and be an awesome volunteer.

12. I’ve attended a volunteer opportunity. What can I do now?

Once you’ve attended the volunteering event,  you need to go to the Opportunity's page on the platform (or click the link you got in your confirmation email/mobile notification) and rate the Opportunity. To rate it, click the “Give Feedback” button on the Opportunity’s page and answer the questions that pop up. You’ll also be reminded to do this with a mobile and email notification if forget about it. This rating provides crucial feedback to help improve your volunteering experience and the work that we do.

13. How do I get time and skills to reflect on my profile?

Each volunteer opportunity  specifies a suggested number of hours and projected skills as its “outcomes”. You will see this if you click "View More Details" on an Opportunity. Once you attend an opportunity, and successfully provide feedback, the Administrator or Ambassador will be responsible for completing a report and assigning these outcomes to you (at their discretion). Once this report is completed the time and skills you achieved will reflect on your profile. If you cannot see the outcomes reflecting on your profile, click on “Ask for Report” on the specific opportunity page. This will notify the  administrators of that opportunity to complete the report.

14. Can I add my own Opportunity?

Yes! If you've participated in an activity but it does not appear on the platform as an Opportunity, you can add it yourself in two ways:

  1. Log in, click the [Add Opportunity] button on your profile page (see below) and follow the instructions to fill out the details for the opportunity you participated in. 

2. Alternatively, you can log in, click on Opportunities and scroll to the bottom of the opportunities page to the [Add Opportunity] button (see below).

15. What's next?

Adding an opportunity will make you the Ambassador for this opportunity. You will then be able to complete a report for it. Once you complete a report, the skills and hours you've achieved will be added to your profile. To learn more about Managing Opportunities, click here. To learn about Reporting on Opportunities, click here.    

16. I got this: “500 Oops! Something went wrong.” What do I do?

When you see this message it means that something went wrong. We will be notified  of this and will have a look at the issue on the system immediately. To help us understand the issue and fix it for you, Please quote the error ID number that is automatically generated on the error message on your email to the support team. While our technical team looks at the issue, try these troubleshooting tips. 

17. What if I am already volunteering in another capacity?

Great! Why not add that volunteer work as an Opportunity to the platform so others can join in, and to count it towards your company or team's volunteer programme? Use the "Add Opportunity" button on your profile to add your volunteer work.

18. Can I volunteer at the same place more than once?

Yes. As long as you “Count Me In” to each volunteer opportunity posted by the same organisation, your hours and skills gained will be reflected in your profile.