Using Tags to Group and Manage Your Community

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Categorise People by Tagging


  • Learn about tagging
  • Learn the benefits of tagging for larger groups or networks
  • Learn how to tag subscribers
  • Learn some tagging tips


Tags are customisable labels available to administrators of organisations and opportunities to categorise users. This helps you find users of your own preference.

Benefits of Tagging for Larger Groups or Networks

With the tagging feature, you can:

  • Differentiate subscribers according to your organisation's segmentation needs
  • Search for subscribers using tags
  • Easily identify different types of subscribers
  • Gain insights into the dynamics of your organisation's network

How to tag subscribers?

First, you need to access your organisation's community.

Start by clicking [Organisations] at the left-hand sidebar.

To find your organisation faster, use the search bar and click the name.

Click [Community] at the left-hand sidebar, the one below [Organisations].

Then, click [Subscribers] below the [Community] you just clicked.

Alternately, you can also manage this by going through your organisation's opportunity.

In your organisation's dashboard, scroll down and click the opportunity where the subscribers you want to tag are.

Then, click [Manage volunteers] at the left-hand sidebar below [Opportunities].

To add a tag to a specific subscriber, click the [Tag] button at the left side of the subscriber's email.

If you have current tags, you can use them by ticking their boxes.

If you want to add new tags, click the [Add new tag] button.

Enter the label you want on the text box provided.

You can choose the preferred colour and style of the tag you want.

Once you are done, click the [Create tag] button.

Editing Tags

Once a tag has been created it can be edited by a super admin user. Editing of the tags can be done using these steps: 

Click "Community" to access tags on the left hand navigation panel

Click "Edit" next to the tag you would like to edit

Edit the tag accordingly and dont forget to cick "Edit Tag" when you are done for your changes to be implemented. 

Tagging Tips

When starting off with important tags, we recommend these classifications:

  • Opportunity administrator for each organisation
    • This should include people from the organisation who are (or act as) contact person or supervisor for all opportunities. This can also include people who will be adding opportunities on a continuous basis.
    • This tag could be "Org Manager", "Facilitator", or "Supervisor".
  • Specific for organisation and opportunity
    • Depending on your type of organisation and its needs, you can have tags for almost anything. Some useful tags could be related to location, age, title, gender, or anything useful to you in knowing who is in your organisation and for what purpose.

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